Miss America


Darling, you were a beauty.

Child of Venus, daughter of desire;

Men fought and slaughtered for your hand.

Darling, you were a hero.

Defiant infant, weather-worn warrior;

Influence lifted you above the clouds.

Worshiped, adored, pursued–a billion dreams you fulfilled.

Darling, what did you do?

One hundred times two,

Broken vows, homeless nights,

Whiskey bottles, legal battles,

Cigarettes and white powder in bathrooms.

Blood on your hands, filth on your soul,

Count to forty-four, your time is up.

Darling, if only you could save yourself.

Beautiful woman turned broken glass,

Marilyn Monroe reincarnate,

Descending from grace, burning as you fall.

– k.h.

© February 2017 | Placer County, California



To her, the ground went up.

To her, the sky fell down.

To her, the walls waltzed with the staircase,

The carpet barked at her toes,

And the sofa gave her a smile.

She saw stars on the ceiling,

Clouds in the television,

A snowy mountain on the nightstand.

The world spun circles around her.

It was left.



But when the world went right,

She saw the time run out on her life.

– kh.

© September 2016| Placer County, California

I finished…


Envy | Gluttony | Greed | Lust | Pride | Sloth | Wrath

XXI. Another Day


I think I was about ten years old

Watching the news with my dad.

I didn’t see nothing but tears and blood

And a bunch of people looking so mad.

“That’s war,” I was told.

I said, “How? That ain’t nothing like the games I have.”

I couldn’t grasp the sense of an innocent child

Dying by the hands of a grown man.

And while some kids raised on cartoons,

Young girls making money in dark rooms.

We all deserve a decent meal.

Why his belly so soft? Why she holding that hard spoon?

And where is my head of state?

If crime pays, talk peace, still engaging in heavy arms trade.

In the jungle that we call Sin City,

While life rules, survival of the fittest.

– “Another Day” by Nico & Vinz

XII. Spirit


She was his entire world.

Day after day,

Night after night.

Sharing hugs, kisses, and laughter.

The last to watch her leave,

The first to welcome her home.

When she was gone,

He missed her most.

Their love was an invincible bond

Never to be broken.

Until he fell ill.

Her tears wet his pillow,

Her cries filled his ears.

A resting place found where sunlight could reach.

His favorite spot.

But their love is still an invincible bond,

Reaching through the abyss,

Never to be broken.

– kh.

© Placer County, California | April 2016

Broken Hero

He was supposed to be the hero.

The one who saved the day,

Who knew just what to do.

He was supposed to be the strongest.

The one people turned to,

Who faced down any monster.

He was supposed to be untouchable.



But he has inner demons, too.

They crack him beneath the surface,

Where the people can’t see.

And they never will.

For what would happen

If the strongest man alive

Showed weakness?


Even Superman has to cry.

– kh.

Song: “Superman” – Five For Fighting

© Placer County, California | September 2015