The Happiest Quiz on Earth


One more month until college is out for winter break, and I’m tired as heck from maintaining a 4.0 GPA (more like 3.9, but we can round up), so let’s talk Disney. And because I can’t stand reading anything else right now, I refuse to answer in anything other than visuals. Continue reading “The Happiest Quiz on Earth”

All About Harry Potter

So I did one of these a couple months ago for The Hobbit, and I don’t know about anyone else, but I find these hecka fun, so I decided to kick off the summer with one for Harry Potter because, *ahem* why on earth not? And you have no idea how many questionnaires there are for HP…this took me a while to find…=.= Warning: This is a bit long…#sorrynotsorry but technically that’s not my fault. Spoilers ahead…

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The Hobbit Questionnairre

I’ve had the privilege of coming down with a head cold this past weekend, and since I’ve been a tiny bit very much miserable, I haven’t been able to do much else other than sit on the couch. Anyways, I found this on Tumblr (I think it’s been circling around here on the blogs as well) and thought I might as well take a break from Netflix. *Warning* Gif overload.

How I'm dealing with my sickness...Yes, I have a Cheshire Cat stuffed animal. Deal with it.
How I’m dealing with my sickness…Yes, I have a Cheshire Cat stuffed animal. Deal with it.

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