43. From Once Upon a Time to Happily Ever After


I recently remembered this assignment from my Creative Writing class a couple of years ago and how fun it was, so I thought I’d give it another go–because I’m a strong, independent woman who can do whatever she wants (i.e., I’m bored and on winter break)–using only books that are sitting on my shelf right now.

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Broken Hero

He was supposed to be the hero.

The one who saved the day,

Who knew just what to do.

He was supposed to be the strongest.

The one people turned to,

Who faced down any monster.

He was supposed to be untouchable.



But he has inner demons, too.

They crack him beneath the surface,

Where the people can’t see.

And they never will.

For what would happen

If the strongest man alive

Showed weakness?


Even Superman has to cry.

– kh.

Song: “Superman” – Five For Fighting

© Placer County, California | September 2015