*BOOM* And We Have Chaos

So…this is a Round Robin I did with my Creative Writing class in which each person wrote three lines at a time….and I apologize in advance. When you have one kid who wants to kill off a character, another who wants to bring in Santa Claus, and still another who refuses to let either of those things slide, all of Tartarus breaks loose. (I’m just playing, I love you guys xD) But in all seriousness, this actually turned out pretty good, and from what I can gather…it’s gonna turn out even longer? I don’t know. We’ll see. *hi5s all around*

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Fathom (Subliminal)

This week’s assignment was to write the fifth chapter of one of our classmates’ novellas, and I decided to write Sarah’s. This will be interesting since I have no idea what she had in mind to come next, and I decided not to go back and look at her novel analysis, so all I had to go on was what I know from the story already (I’m making things way too difficult for myself…) I apologize in advance, Sarah, if this is absolutely horrible–I barely know what I’m doing, and I definitely just butchered your plot. *hides in shame* But either way, this was fun–I think I enjoyed writing this more than my own story. 🙂

Sarah’s Actual Chapter 5

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