Artwork!! #3

There’re only a few and mostly sub-par pieces today, but next time I feel like I will have more and better content to share. 🙂

Mermaid Zentangle
This was actually my first attempt at anything zentangle, and I surprised myself, to be honest! There are soooo many mistakes, but I guess you can’t really see them over picture XD

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Artwork!! #2

A few of my feeble attempts at drawing humans. Humans are probably my weakest point when it comes to sketching…I just can’t get their noses right!!! Of course, there’s no way I came up with these in my head, so you can click on the pictures to see the original images.


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So I figured I’d jump on the bandwagon and post some of my artwork, just cause it’s fun to share and see everyone else’s, too. 🙂 Just like my writing, there are only a couple pieces of my artwork that I’m genuinely proud of, and these are them as of right now. I may show some more in the future. I should probably say, some of my drawings I freehand, some of them I look at a picture and draw, just depends on my mood, so you can click on the pictures (for the middle three) to see the original images.

Kind of my pride and joy at the moment, not gonna lie.

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