42. I’m not Voting for President


I mean, have you seen the candidates?

I think it’s a shame that my first chance to vote has been tainted by literally the worst presidential run of America’s history. On the one hand, you have a criminal; on the other hand, you have a creep. Stellar choices.

It’s funny, I’ve been told by almost every older American that I have to vote purely because it’s my right as an American citizen. “Not everyone gets the chance to vote, Kayla, so you have to.” “It’s you’re civic duty, Kayla, you have to.”

Well, if you will, let me tell you a little something you might have forgotten: I also have a right not to vote, so no, I don’t have to. (And, therefore, no, it’s not anyone’s “civic duty.” Look that term up, voting does not fall into that category.)

Let me get this perfectly straight. My choices are these: 1) someone who has broken federal law, who lies, who gets her own fellow Americans killed, and who is basically controlled by the rich and powerful like a puppet, and 2) someone who sexually assaults and speaks poorly about women, who discriminates, who wants to build a wall around America, and who, for all his money, can’t seem to hire a decent hairdresser.

Yeah…thanks, but no thanks, I’m gonna sit this one out. And before you go off on me saying, “If you don’t vote for Trump, you’re basically voting for Hillary” or vice versa, let me remind you, I live in California. If you don’t vote Democratic, you’re vote is void no matter what you do. You’re vote is literally the definition of ‘worthless,’ and you can thank San Francisco and Los Angeles for that.

I don’t want either one of these people in the White House, so neither one of them is getting my vote. Avoiding the polls not going to solve anything, I understand; but I honestly don’t know what the rationale is for voting for either one. I’ve seen that most people are only voting for one because they just can’t stand the other…but how is that a viable reason? Answer: it’s not. The whole thought process behind this election is “choose the lesser of two evils,” but I don’t agree with that.

I’m not saying no one should vote. If you feel led, by all means, go ahead, be the upstanding American that you are. But in terms of the presidency, I cannot vote with a clear conscience. So I’ll just stand over here with the other, what is it, 50% of disgraceful Americans and vote for things I actually care about, like Proposition 64.

~ Hoài-Linh