Small Town Shadow

So I did a photo essay for English this week, and I was really happy with the outcome (even if I’m not sure that I met the requirements or whatever). I did it in poetry format, and let me tell you, presenting it was awful, because it was so short. BUT WHO CARES. I WILL LIVE MY LIFE MY OWN WAY.

All pictures taken by me, so don’t steal or I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.

Spoke to me

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37. The Face of Fear

I know the feeling of anxiety very well. Anxiety is the monster under my bed that refuses to disappear, even after I look it in the eye and scream, “Leave!” It surfaces in the most mundane of circumstances and refuses to rebury itself until I finally break down. Anxiety plagues my thoughts and the way I interact with others–the way I live my life. It is a leech I can never detach.

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