Broken Hero

He was supposed to be the hero.

The one who saved the day,

Who knew just what to do.

He was supposed to be the strongest.

The one people turned to,

Who faced down any monster.

He was supposed to be untouchable.



But he has inner demons, too.

They crack him beneath the surface,

Where the people can’t see.

And they never will.

For what would happen

If the strongest man alive

Showed weakness?


Even Superman has to cry.

– kh.

Song: “Superman” – Five For Fighting

© Placer County, California | September 2015


She marks him on the surface.

Gliding thick lines over smooth skin,

Drawing her fears in midnight black,

Searching for the end.

He marks her deep within.

Etching his name on her bones,

Holding her heart between his fingers,

Awaiting completion.

He is her canvas,

A masterpiece;

She is his artist,

A wunderkind;

And together they bleed,


– kh.

© Placer County, California | September 2015


They told you the pleasure was worth the pain.

They said it was worth the bumps and bruises,

To feel the buzz of adrenaline in your limbs.

They said to ignore the fear and regret,

The lingering hatred for actions unfolded,

And bask in the momentarily searing bliss.

So you listened,

And you fell.

A thousand miles down from the clouds,

Past shouts and cries of those you love,

Crashing into the ground full force.

And you laid there,

Broken and in agony,

Waiting for the vultures to circle.

And you began to wonder,

If maybe,

Just maybe,

They were wrong.


My dear, you learned the hard way.

The pleasure is never worth the pain.

– kh.

© September 2015 | Placer County, California