34. Paper Towns

Allow me to clear up a few things here first: Did I only read this book because the movie was released recently? Yes. Did I read the book before I saw the movie? No. Did I have high expectations of the book from the movie? Somewhat. Did I enjoy the book? Yes. And I never thought I’d admit it about any John Green book. Continue reading “34. Paper Towns”

Two Eiffel Towers

“Have you ever wondered why there aren’t two Eiffel Towers?”

I stopped fiddling with my phone and stared over at her, raising an eyebrow. “What?”

She tapped her finger on the glass window of the cab, pointing towards the huge metal structure in the distance. “Two Eiffel Towers.” Turning around, she shot me a thoughtful look. “You know, Paris is the city of love. All those couples climbing up the tower, holding hands, looking out over France; they have each other, but the Eiffel Tower is all alone.”

Leaning back against the seat, I gazed at her in faint amusement. “What made you think of that?”

She turned back to the window and pressed her forehead against it. “I don’t know. Just seems kind of ironic. It supports so many things–people–that have something, and it doesn’t even have something for itself.” She fell into silence, staring out at the tower.

“Well,” I replied slowly, keeping my eyes on her profile. “Maybe its something is the city. Your something doesn’t always have to be the same as you. Maybe its something is the one place that keeps it together: Paris.”

A small smile cracked on her lips, and I could see the solace creep into her eyes. “Yeah,” she answered, finally looking away from the tower. “Maybe.”

~ Hoài-Linh

The Note

He found the note taped to his bedroom window. Where it came from, he hadn’t a clue, but still he read the messy handwriting smudged with ink.

“Let’s do something tonight. You and me. Let’s teepee your neighbor’s house. Let’s hitchhike across the country with only 50 bucks in our pockets. Let’s graffiti the overpass on the freeway, or race carts in the grocery store and start a food fight. Let’s stand on the edge of a skyscraper and pretend to push each other off. Let’s get drunk in the dark and laugh till our heads can’t take it. Let’s drive off to nowhere and stick our heads out the windows, going 90 miles an hour. Let’s blast the music so loud the neighbors call the cops. Let’s buy plane tickets to Italy, or take a boat out on the ocean. Let’s hop on a freight train and hang off the sides. Let’s do something. Tonight.”

He shook his head in wonder. Only one person could write like this.

“You’re insane,” he murmured, folding the slip.

A bang of a door, a jingle of keys, and a ghost of a knock later, he peered down at her face in the shadowy doorway, eyes glinting gold amongst brown.

“Let’s do it all.”

~ Hoài-Linh


She stares down at the pages,

Blank lines, rough scribbles,

Fragmented sentences smudged with black ink.

She rips out yet another page.

Paper crumples and tears,

Hits the wall,

Filled with words she wants to say,

But does not know how.

A huff sends her bangs flying,

A bump sends the hanging pictures rattling.

A moment’s silence,

A rustle of the sheets,

And she presses her ballpoint to the lines.

Maybe this time the words will flow.

– kh.

© July 2015 | Placer County, California