Artwork!! #3

There’re only a few and mostly sub-par pieces today, but next time I feel like I will have more and better content to share. 🙂

Mermaid Zentangle
This was actually my first attempt at anything zentangle, and I surprised myself, to be honest! There are soooo many mistakes, but I guess you can’t really see them over picture XD

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Ooookkkaaaayyy, I’m officially resigning from the controversial-post-sphere. Bringing Wonderland back to it’s happy-go-lucky state fo sho. Seriously, though, it’s totally out of character for me to publicly disclose my opinion on popular controversial topics, particularly because I often fall into the “liberal” category, and apparently not a lot of Christians like that…? Besides, it gives me major anxiety and knocks me out for a while, so don’t ask what dark force possessed me this time, I have no idea. (To be honest, *whispers* I’ve had a constant stomach ache since I last posted and it sucks. Anyone else with an anxiety disorder?) I do a lot better with things like milk vs. dark chocolate and Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings, so I’ll just stick to that.

In light of that…here’s something short I wrote a while back.

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It roared,

She hid.

It struck down to earth,

He lived.

It cracked,

She cried.

It lit up the sky,

He died.

It screamed,

They scattered.

It tore them apart,

They shattered.

– kh.

© June 2015 | Placer County, California