Mary, Did You Know?


Mary, did you know,

God’s important plans for you?

To bear the savior of the nations,

And raise him as he grew?

Of all the girls around the world

The Father chose you as the one,

To be the mother of our LORD

Until His time had come.

So as we celebrate this year

The baby in the stall,

Mary, Mary, did you know?

Your son is loved by all.

– kh.

© December 2014 | Sacramento, California


She stands on the edge.

Water splashes at her feet,

A fin grazes the surface.

Is it a mermaid?

She stands on the edge.

Wind whips around her body,

A shadow passes above.

Is it a dragon?

She stands on the edge.

Grass tickles her calves,

Hoofbeats sound in the distance.

Is it a centaur?

Or is it a dolphin,

An eagle,

A horse.

She stands on the edge,

Her head in the clouds,

So far from herself,

She won’t come back down.

Because up in the clouds,

The magic is real.

Her spirit is free,

For only her to see.

And maybe,

Just maybe,

In another time,

In another life,

Others will see it, too.

– kh.

© Nov or Dec 2014 | Somewhere on the freeway in California

Fallen Petals

Her heart was once a beautiful flower.

Petals shining bright, rosy pink,

The color of her cheeks.

Her unfading smile,

The sun to help her heart bloom.

But the joys of spring never last,

And winter brought the storm.

Salty tears withered her leaves,

Cries of lightning struck her roots,

And the petals of her heart began to fall,

One by one,

Until only a stem remained.

Never to feel,

Never to heal.

– kh.

© December 2014 | Sacramento, California